Friday, October 30, 2009

Internet Mommy

I think I'm officially an internet mommy now. I've started writing for the LA Moms Blog in addition to blogging here and even have a twitter account (@unellie). So when I heard about the launch party for Kimberly Blaine's newest book, Internet Mommy, I jumped at the invite. A party at night without my kids at a hotel in Santa Monica--of course, I'm in!

The party was a great time. It was nice to get to meet Kimberly and many of the other women who had contributed to the book. That's one of the best things about this new blogging world, meeting women outside my little social circle who bring new perspectives on mothering. Apparently I spent a good chunk of the night speaking with someone who is a hardcore liberal, something I only found out afterwards on the ride home. (Yes I worked on the McCain campaign, proud of it!) Not that I wouldn't have spoken to her if I had known that before, but it probably would have colored our conversation. Now I know I won't see her at the next Republican moms night out, but I look foward to seeing her again.

I learned at the event that I was a baby internet mommy when I saw @techmama whip out her autographed Vivienne Tam HP netbook to write up a blog on the spot. I've never seen anything like it. I don't have any super expensive designer purses (although I do have Birkin envy ever since that episode of Gilmore Girls), but I'd definitely like to be able to whip out a computer that matched my outfit. Maybe just once, for the cool factor.

Anyway, it was way past the boys' normal bedtime when I finally got home. I fully expected them to be up anyway because Stewart has never been able to put both of them to sleep by himself. But lo and behold, when I got home the house was quiet. I thought for a second he had taken them to McDonald's, but no, they were sleeping!!! It wasn't the sound of silence, but the sound of true freedom. Now I can go out at night without having to get home by 9 at the latest. But part of me was a little sad because I knew it was the end of yet another stage of their short lives, that part that needed me a little more than they needed papa. It's kind of silly really, I've been yearning for this ever since R was born, but now that it's happened, I feel like I've lost something. Good bye my baby. Hello little boy.

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ESC said...

Don't be sad...they still cry for their momma every night...