Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tape Scape!

Photo by Oleg Alexandrov
My kids and I had the good fortune to visit the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose when Eric Lennartson's Tape Scape was there on exhibit. It is a really cool exhibit that is a lot of fun. It is made entirely of tape and plastic wrap. I love the fact that it is so simple, yet the kids loved it so much! Not everything has to an electronic gizmo for kids to have fun! Princess E had a lot of fun crawling through the tunnel in the center "pole" but she was too quick for me to take a photo. R said he loved walking on tape. You wouldn't think something made from tape and plastic wrap would be strong enough to withstand hundreds of kids jumping and sliding on it every day but the 100 hours+ it took to construct it made sure it was tough enough for kid action. It was definitely one of the highlights of our visit to the museum.

When H wasn't in school, we used to go to a children's museum or the zoo at least once a month. Now that "real" school has started, we haven't been able to do that as much. The first kid really does get all the perks. We used to do crafts every week and paint but now all that stuff is covered with dust. Sorry R and Princess E! I'm glad I was able to go to the museum with them earlier this month. Tape Scape has been dismantled at the Children's Discovery Museum but check your own local children's museum to see if it is coming to your neck of the woods. SO FUN!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby's E Bad Mommy Incident: Saved by Dolphin Organics

Shortly before her first birthday, Baby E suffered from a case of Bad Mommy. I love to drink hot drinks. Imagine the worst. What happened was that there was a cup of just-brewed tea on top of a placemat on the kitchen table. She had just become tall enough to reach the table and pull on anything close to the edge. Of course, I hadn't realized just what that meant. She pulled on the placement and the cup fell on her face and then shattered on the floor. For burns, many people don't know that the burn continues to happen even when the heat source is removed. You have to first stop the burn before you treat it. So I immediately grabbed Baby E and put her under cool water in the shower, clothes and all.

After I was sure the burning had stopped, I changed her clothes. There were some very pronounced red spots on her face and chest. I knew that aloe was the best thing I could put on her. But what to do, it was late at night and I didn't have an aloe plant. Then I remembered that I had received a bottle of Dolphin Organics lotion at BlogHer. I checked the label (which is so straightforward and clear to read and understand) and it had aloe as the first ingredient! I put the lotion on her face and chest. Then Baby E fell asleep. When she woke up an hour and a half later, the red spots were gone. I was completely amazed! The lotion worked like a miracle balm! It was so awesome. Because I saw how well it worked on her, I put some on my arm where I got a sunburn that day. It gave me immediate relief. Amazing! I put the lotion on her for the next week and her skin returned to normal.

I had been meaning to share this story so my readers would know what a wonderful product Dolphin Organics has put on the market. I put it off though because of the Bad Mommy embarrassment factor and, of course, once I got over that so many things had come up that it slipped to the back of my mind. Recently, however, I received a pack of trial sizes of the new product line and it brought back the feeling of complete wonder I had when I went through the experience last year. The kids and I have tried the new products and we give them a big thumbs up! I asked Princess E which one she liked the best and she picked the pink bottle of DO Naturals bodywash (justberry). What I like about it is that it is really thick and doesn't run like some lotions. It stays on the skin so you know it's working! H, with his picky nose, likes the Simply Citrus lotion the best. Honestly, the original formula that we used last year didn't smell so nice, but the reformulated products are very pleasant. If H will use it, then I know it passes a very high standard.

I've suggested to the company that they should put out a natural burn, itch, etc product because there is nothing out there that is completely natural like Dolphin Organics. I heartily endorse this product and hope you will give it a try! I've found some great deals on (currently on sale) and Amazon and can't wait to get the sunscreen to block the hot California sun.

I did not receive compensation for this post. I did receive product samples but without any expectation of posting. I do not receive commission for links to stores and have provided them as a service to my readers. All opinions are my own!