Monday, August 31, 2009

Today I learned that the OB/GYN office is no place for two toddler boys. All I can share is the Dr's comment, "Yes you need birth control."

No activity today. The heat was just too much. I hope the weather changes soon. The wildfires are wasting resources this state doesn't have and people are losing their homes. Maybe the fires will miraculously burn only those empty foreclosed homes?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Blog

First I have to say that my inspiration to blog came from my friend Elizabeth and her very interesting blog ( I hope she will forgive me for copying hers in many ways (the long name for starters) but I figured that was the easiest way to get started. I promise I will make changes once I learn how this blogging thing works. I definitely need to learn how to put hyperlinks into the text, for one thing.

Why blog? To force myself to record what the boys and I are doing, so I'll have something to remind myself of all the good times we shared. Otherwise I have a tendency only to remember the bad, like the days of double poop mess all over H's bed and room (not to be repeated thanks to the wonders of duct tape) and getting thrown out of storytime at two separate libraries.

Yesterday was a really great morning. Started off with a fun and delicious breakfast playdate at my friend Jenny's, well, playdate for H and R and breakfast for me. Not too many people serve pot stickers and tea eggs at breakfast, but then I just realized that we were having dim sum. I wonder why I didn't think of that earlier, since her husband is Chinese.

Afterwards we went to the children's open house at Fresh Brothers ( Since we were one of the first few people at the event we received complimentary Pouch Pals, this new product that replaces the need to carry around plastic baggies for snacks. This will be great because not only will I be saving the environment, but R will be thwarted in his efforts to break into the snack bags by ripping them open with his teeth. Anyway, back to Fresh Brothers, I really like the pizza because they puree vegetables and put it into their sauce. So toddlers eat vegetables without even knowing it. How awesome is that! H and R made their own pizzas and had a blast with all the fun children's activities. H stood in line for a while to get his hair braided by Sleeping Beauty and wouldn't accept my explanation that he couldn't do it because his hair was too short.

I took a page from Fresh Brothers today and tried an experiment with the Sunday school snacks. Adding organic whole wheat pastry flour to cake mix was a success. The little kiddies had no idea that there was something healthy in their cupcakes.

So there is my first post. Nothing to make your head explode in a brain spray of awesome, but then again, this isn't Hulu.