Monday, August 31, 2009

Today I learned that the OB/GYN office is no place for two toddler boys. All I can share is the Dr's comment, "Yes you need birth control."

No activity today. The heat was just too much. I hope the weather changes soon. The wildfires are wasting resources this state doesn't have and people are losing their homes. Maybe the fires will miraculously burn only those empty foreclosed homes?


ESC said...

...should have brought the ipod touch!

heathergothitched said...

Hahah! Love your OB's comment... First (and last) time I took Harrison to my prenatal appt, he managed to print out a dozen pictures on the ultrasound machine, poke my vagina while I was spread eagle, and feel up my female doctor by spanking her on the booty... He's only two... I'm hoping he'll outgrow it!

Love always,