Thursday, October 15, 2009

Got Milk?

From the time H was 11 months old to 2 1/2 half, he drank a lot of milk. He had always had formula mixed in with his bottle (never learned to latch on) so he had been accustomed to the flavor. R on the other hand, refused all bottles and wouldn't wean until 14 months. That is when all the milk drama began. He refused to drink plain milk. The doctor said that was the reason why he had dropped from being in the 70th percentile at six months to 10th percentile for weight at fifteen months. So I had to find creative ways to make him drink milk or risk him dropping off the chart all together. Yogurt, kefir, soymilk, yogurt drinks, chocolate syrup, and apple juice (not as gross as you might think) are only some of the things I mix in to get him to drink his milk. And of course, whatever R gets, H wants so now both boys are non-drinkers of plain milk. So when my friend @mintcool told me about a chocolate milk Halloween event sponsored by Got Milk?, I was really excited to go because that's one of their favorite food groups. (Both kids are not big eaters, but that's a story for another day.)

The event took place last Tuesday, the first day it had rained in Southern California since June. I would not be deterred by a little rain (especially since it was @mintcool who was driving us in her minivan). We made it to Paramount Studios in Hollywood in record time because so many people stayed off the roads to avoid the rain. It was my first trip to a movie studio since I had moved to Southern California and I was excited. We passed the Blue Sky and made our way to New York street. It was a great event filled with chocolate milk, treats and games for the kids.

We also got to see Got Milk? unveiling Angie Harmon's new milk mustache ad. There was an opportunity for us bloggers to take photos and talk with her, but like many of the women there, I didn't want to be photographed with my disheveled hair and sweatshirt (it was raining!) next to Angie Harmon. But I couldn't pass up an opportunity for R to get his photo taken with Jason Sehorn. Being most recently from New York, I can tell you that was a big deal for me. R shares his name with a certain NFL Hall of Famer so it was even more thrilling. Perhaps R will be the first Korean to make it to the NFL and one day this photo will be on his fan page!

Of course no blog is complete without a bit of drama. R ate and drank so much chocolate at the event that he threw it all up when we got home. But that's my fault for letting him overindulge because I was so distracted by my first blogger event. So we Got Chocolate Milk all over R, me and our living room couch. Totally worth it.


JoycetheRockStar said...

I was wondering who that handsome man was!

Eugene said...

yes...his name is heetaik!