Friday, August 6, 2010

Live blogging from Blogher 2010

First time live blogging from an event. I'm here at Blogher 2010! I borrowed Stewart's iPad so I could take notes easily and post (although I had to learn how to cut and paste on the iPad, not intuitive!). Bruce Jenner is here with Pepsico, only mentioning that bc he was born on the same day as me and I did a report on him in middle school. Had a great time running through central park this morning for the Blogher 5k. I only got a photo of myself in my tutu (tutus for Tanner) in my hotel room bc I didn't want to carry my camera while running. But I did get a photo of some other women in tutus and tiaras at the Gatorade breakfast after the run. This is just a note, my full posts will go up next week after I've had a chance to digest everything. So far met some really fun ladies at Avery SocialLuxe, Child's Play Bloganthropy Awards, and a cooking demo with Chef Scott Leibfried sponsored by Bumblebee at the Viking Test Kitchen. Definitely looking forward to sessions and visiting the expo. More later.  

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ESC said...

sounds like you got more done before 8AM than the boys and i are going to do all day!