Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Perfect Day at Disneyland

This past Tuesday was probably the perfect day at Disneyland. No crowds, great weather and awesome friends, including @mintcool and her kids, Chip and Lulu. Even though I was still sick, I felt better enough to go thanks to Stewart's call to his dr friend who told me to go buy some sudafed. It didn't even occur to me because I had been pregnant/breastfeeding for the past four years and couldn't take it. I'm so glad my body is mine again so I can take drugs and booze it up. But I digress...

I had to go to use the last day of my Socal 3/$99 summer special. It was a bit sad because I said to myself this is the last time we're going to Disneyland. After five times, it does get a bit old. I didn't have very high expectations because I felt like I had done it all before. But somehow Disney worked its magic and I had a fantastic time. It was Halloween Time at Disneyland (started last Friday) but I didn't really notice any decorations other than the giant Mickey jack-o-lantern on Main Street. The fireworks were a pretty impressive display, although the images were a little creepy for toddlers. It was the first time H was close enough to fireworks that he could feel the boom, and he did get a bit scared. But all in all, a great show.
Top ten things about my last trip to Disneyland:
10. We finally got on the Dumbo ride with a 20 minute wait--every other time it had been an hour so we didn't do the wait.
9. H didn't get lost!
8. R didn't poop the whole day so I didn't have any messy diaper changes.
7. I got the Dole Whip, pineapple soft serve, that I'd been craving all summer.
6. Only had to take one dose of Advil Cold and Sinus.
5. H didn't have any accidents.
4. Did not suffer motion sickness despite riding teacups two times in a row.
3. Discovered R and Lulu made the 32 inches minimum height requirement on Autopia.
2. Got a picture of H and Chip with Mickey at his house.
1. Such a great time that I may go again on my a few weeks. Don't tell Stewart!

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