Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today's big excursion was to the supermarket. As anyone with toddlers knows (at least if your kids aren't lactose intolerant), life pretty much comes to a stop when you've run out of milk. The date on the carton said Sept 11, but one whiff told me that I needed to pour it down the sink. And with going out of town and visiting our friendly local emergency room, I hadn't had time to restock.

Going to the market (or anywhere) with toddlers is a challenge. The supermarket mostly because there are so many things they can grab and destroy. If your toddler is sitting in the cart, you have to make sure he's sitting at least a foot away from the produce display because otherwise you will have to pay for that tomato that he just crushed in his hand. Costco is awesome because it has those huge carts with the double seat. I used to think that was stupid, but that was before I had two kids. I wish all supermarkets had the double seater. I count it as a successful trip if I've only had to buy one item that wasn't on the list due to their nuttiness. Today's bonus item was whole wheat baguette. H grabbed it and dragged the bag around the floor, asking me to give him some. I thought it was better I give him that than risk him putting his hands into the bulk food bins again. (Sorry Sprouts shoppers, although this would have been averted if the store had double seater carts!) Stewart will be eating sandwiches for lunch the rest of the week.

So we came home and I was all ready to cook dinner with the ingredients from the market, when the Dinner Angel called. My friend Heather read my blog and could tell I needed some help. She completely made my day. She brought us a veritable feast from Sansai, plus Isabella cookies and juice. R looked so excited and happy when I put the food on the table. I think he was glad he didn't have to eat my cooking. H was thrilled to have his favorite--plain rice. Thanks Heather! I'm so blessed to have such supportive and caring friends.

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