Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Duper: Awesome restaurant find through Wikets!

When we were having a blast at Yerba Buena Gardens this past Saturday, we wanted to take advantage of being in SF and try out a new place for dinner. We used the explore function in Wikets and found the nearest kid-friendly place to be Super Duper, a hamburger joint. We had never been there before but the photo from the rec convinced us to explore further. Through the yelp link on the rec, I found the magic words "homemade pickles" and knew we were destined to go there for dinner.

We walked the 0.5 miles to the eatery, debating what flavor shakes to order along the way. We got there and ordered three hamburgers. It's a little bit like 5 Guys because it has a long list of toppings you can order, but that's where the comparison stops. Don't get me wrong, I love 5 Guys, but what makes a burger at Super Duper superior to any I've had in the past couple of years is 100% all natural Niman Ranch vegetarian-fed beef. Wow, it really makes a difference! I'm really glad we asked for the Super Duper sauce on the side because we didn't even need it. The beef had enough flavor all by itself!

The boys enjoyed their shakes, strawberry as usual for R and vanilla for H. H had wanted chocolate but they ran out so asked us if it was ok to substitute vanilla instead. I am so glad they did. Not just because they gave us a free order of fries for the inconvenience, but because their organic vanilla shake tastes like the vanilla shake from Loteria in Korea. I have dreams about that shake and now I can get one in the U.S.! And the pickles, they are awesome and AYCE. You ask, how many pickles can one person eat, well if you are a fan of pickled food like I am, the single pickle spear that comes with most burgers is not enough to last past the first couple of bites. For once, I had enough pickles to last through the entire burger and then some. So good! Last but not least, Stewart can attest to the deliciousness of the garlic fries, spicy with real chopped garlic and herbs.

I never would have found Super Duper had it not been for Wikets. Yes, I work for the company, but truthfully I am finding it more useful all the time. The iPhone app has recently been revamped and now you can ask for recs and even attach video previews to your recommendations. Usually when you have a really great experience at a restaurant or with a product, you don't really have a way to share it with your people forever. If you really feel strongly you will post a yelp review or post about it on FB, but no one is going to see that later on when they actually need it. With Wikets, you have all your favorite things and places in one app that your friends can access whenever they want, wherever they are. And it's not like you won't know about it, because when they actually try the restaurant or buy the product through your rec, you'll get points for it. After our great experience, Stewart and I both re-rec'ed Super Duper, giving the original rec'er his props for the great rec!

So if you have an iPhone and want to check out an app that will make your life better, try Wikets. It's free at the app store and if you use my promo code "randommommy" you will get an extra 200 bonus points! Remember 2500 points = $25 Amazon gift card!

I was not paid for this post. I am the Blogger Outreach Manager at Wikets but all opinions in my personal blog are my own.

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tina said...

i heard about wickets from another mommy blogger, Amy Anderson! Cool!
Found you through some comments on my Parent Grapevine blog - Hi!