Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer's Here (Well Almost)

Maybe Baby Girl C wants to be an official summer baby. The weather in San Jose finally feels like summer (80s!) but the official first day of summer is tomorrow. I thought she was going to be here already because I've been having some pretty serious Braxton Hicks contractions since Friday. But I suspect it was just her way of telling me from the womb that I can't tell her what to do and this is just the start of a long and painful relationship. Neither of the boys made me go through this exercise. When I went into labor I went from 1 to 10 cms in a matter of hours. I don't know where I am today, but I was at 2 cm at the OB's office on Friday and am still waiting. Maybe yelling at my large belly and getting H&R to yell "Come out NOW!" as well wasn't the nicest way to convince her to make her debut. So instead of being in a haze taking care of a newborn, I'm taking care of my first two babies! It's strange because they're on summer break so I have to think of things for them to do.

I wanted to sign them up for camps but found it impossible because of the uncertainty of when the baby would arrive. Since the average cost of a camp breaks down to $35/day, I couldn't risk them losing multiple days if I went into labor and there wasn't anyone available to take them. So we'll be at the library a lot (the one we weren't kicked out of) and make frequent trips to the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. It's really a great children's museum. I like that it's multiple floors and there is actually space for kids to move around. Some other museums we've been to have felt so cramped that I can't believe they charge the same as the CDM. We enjoyed our first visit several months ago enough to sign up for an annual membership and so far they haven't gotten tired of it. We went to the recent members party for the new dinosaur exhibit, Mammoth Discovery. The boys both had a great time playing with bones and discovering dinosaur facts. I only wish there were more dinosaurs, but then again, it's not a natural history museum. We'll need to go back soon to explore the other new exhibit soon, Animal Secrets.

Today, I had to think of something for them to do other than watch Wiggles. So we came up with our own version of Angry Birds. H&R love to play that game on iPad and on Stewart's android phone. (They love that game so much they insisted on getting Stewart an Angry Birds shirt for Father's Day. We actually had to go to the store twice to get the exact shirt they wanted for him.) For our version, we found all the pigs in the house, including two actual Angry Birds pigs they had gotten at Build-a-Bear, and set them up as the targets. Who knew they had so many different toy pigs! It was also surprising that they have ZERO birds. Well maybe not surprising given my intense fear and dislike of birds, but I thought they would have at least one. Instead they had to use balls as "birds." I think they liked our low-tech version just as much. At least I know R did since he could actually "kill" some of the pigs, which he's not skilled enough to do on the actual video game! Now I've got to stop writing so I can get back to setting up the game for them.

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heathergothitched said...

Almost a full week since this post... So how dilated are you? Is Stewart checking you regularly? :) hahah! Anyhoos, can't wait for the good news! Happy Pushing! A girl is soooo different from a boy... and not just the genitalia!

Love always,