Thursday, April 7, 2011

Technorati Post: Apology to my Daughter

A few friends are saying that I'm becoming increasingly neurotic about having a girl. But better safe than sorry right? You can read about my latest worries for my daughter here.

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heathergothitched said...

It's so scary all the crap that is out there now... Every time I gave birth (well, it's only been 3 times!) I hold my innocent little baby in my arms and apologize for bringing them into this scary world, but that I promise to do everything to keep them safe and happy... Already, I can see that Bella and Harrison are pretty good at the computer and they will soon outdo my knowledge so I will have to prepare myself on protecting them! And ewwwww to the pervs at the library and shame on the morons who deem this kind of sick behavior "constitutional"...

Love always,