Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday

Radio silence last week due to ongoing severe cold at the Random Mommy house. It was H's spring break and we were supposed to go the San Jose Children's Museum, the Oakland Zoo, Chuck E Cheese (reward for going to sleep on his own for two weeks), and a magic show. Zero for zero. He even missed the egg hunt at school the Friday before spring break. All of us were so out of it that we could barely move around the house. H&R both ended back in my bed since they claimed they needed special treatment since they were sick. I was too exhausted to argue. We watched so much TV that the capacitor to our fancy big screen LCD TV blew out. So finally Saturday before Easter we attempted the last event on our calendar for the week, the Campbell egg hunt. Here is H contemplating his strategy to gather the most eggs and R warming up on the sidelines.

However minutes before the egg hunt was supposed to start, R had a sickness meltdown and demanded Stewart take him back to the car. H waited till after the egg hunt and then disappeared by himself back to the car. That is what happens when the rule of the hunt is that parents aren't allowed on the field. The announcer kept saying this over and over again. So I listened to him. I shouldn't have done that because of course I couldn't find H afterwards and he decided on his own that he should go back to the car since he was done. Since Stewart took the camera with him when he went back to the car with R, I have no photos of the actual egg hunt, which was pandemonium. Some kids didn't get any and some kids got a full basket. We won't be going back there ever again.

So yesterday I finally broke down after a week of not being able to breathe and bought some Sudafed. Not Sudafed PE but the kind you have to buy from the pharmacist. That made me feel like I was doing something illicit. It provided some relief but after I took it I started having dental pain, which grew increasingly worse until 2 AM when I got up and googled home remedies for toothaches (baking soda anyone?). I called the doctor this morning and the antibiotics should be ready in an hour for pickup. I never knew that dental pain was a sign of sinus infection. Hopefully I will get some relief soon! So that's what's been going on at our house. Hope your Easter week was lot better than ours!

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