Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!--Stewart helps Dockers Prove Chivalry is not Dead

This Mother's Day, the person I most appreciate is my husband. When you have two toddlers, it's really not possible for them to pamper you. Instead, they most likely drive you nuts. Well, at least mine do. No. 1 son nutty episode of the day, forgetting to wear shoes to church yet again. I am trying to teach him that it's his responsibility to make sure he has shoes on when he gets in the car. So far I haven't had much luck. No. 2 son nutty episode, crying for chocolate cake for half an hour after he woke up. He stopped immediately after I shoved a spoonful of egg and rice into his mouth. Sometimes, he just doesn't know what he wants. Which brings me back to my No. 1 Hunny-Stewart. He's been so supportive of my blogging and the recent late nights of moms nights out and blogging events--bathing and putting the kids to bed and playing with them while I write up posts like this one. He organized the Mother's Day Brunch at church today and didn't flinch when I said I wanted to eat out for lunch and dinner. I decided against dinner because the boys wanted me to cook! If you've tasted my cooking, you know that is very rare indeed.

Stewart has definitely been performing many acts of chivalry this week. He didn't even know that he was participating in the Dockers challenge to dads, moms, and kids across the country to Wear The Pants and perform acts of chivalry. This Mother's Day, Dockers wants men and women to take a few extra minutes to open a door, offer directions, help carry luggage, hail a cab, or say Happy Mother's Day to a mom you don't know (and don't forget about your own mom).

Dockers Wear The Pants

Dockers 10,000 Acts of Chivalry
On Mother's Day, from 10 am – 2 pm, 100 khaki-clad men will hit the streets of New York and San Francisco and perform 25 chivalrous acts per hour. If you live in San Francisco or New York City, come join them and help celebrate Mother's Day with chivalrous acts. The Mother's Day event in New York City will take place at Times Square, Bryant Park, and Broadway Matinee Shows. In San Francisco, the Docker's event will take place at Union Square, Ferry Building, and the Cow Hollow area.

Visit  to share posts and photos of how you're proving chivalry exists this Mother's Day. Those participating in Dockers® "10,000 Acts of Chivalry," can also show their support on Twitter by using the #chivalryisnotdead hashtag on this Mother's Day. I will be doing both to give props to my chivalrous hunk of love. Thanks Hunny!

I did not receive compensation for this post. Dockers will provide my readers a chance to win a pair of pants in a future giveaway.

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