Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Real Furniture

Last week Stewart and I purchased our first piece of real furniture since we've been married. Other than our couch, it's the most expensive piece of furniture we own and it's not even that expensive (considering how much furniture can cost). When we moved into the house, it was always our intention to buy a dining room table. The one we had in New York we gave away to H's manny. We were going to take our time to find the perfect table because the previous owner of the house had left a very basic wooden table that fit the four of us. After H suffered a concussion and R got a bloody lip from falling from the Ikea chairs we had bought to go with the table, we knew time was up and we had to get a real table and chairs ASAP.
So we went to Linders and got the heaviest table we could find that had the parameters I wanted. I'm happy to say we did get the bench I wanted. I can't explain exactly why but I prefer benches and stools to chairs. I never use the back of a chair and I think sitting on a bench or stool forces you to have good posture. Not long ago I was given the chance to review counter stools from CSNStores, this one in particular. I would have loved to have it for our kitchen island, but had to turn it down because there was no way I could see H and R surviving that in the house. The bench is longer and heavier so I don't think they will be able to tip it over. Luckily, CSNStores graciously allowed me to pick another product from their myriad of web stores (basically they sell everything you could have in your house other than food and sundries) and you will see a review of that product in the near future.
As you can see from my photo, I haven't yet figured out how to take the plastic off the chairs. I tried on one and now there are bits of plastic sticking out all over the bottom of the seat. I'm hoping one of the ladies coming over tomorrow night for Bunco will know how to do it. I also have a vinyl tablecloth over the table because the first thing R did when it arrived was take a big crayon and make a mark on it. Good thing we got the five-year service plan. I NEVER buy service plans but they said if it got a scratch or the stitching fell apart on the seat or anything, they would come and repair or replace it. Usually the store profits hugely on this kind of plan because it goes unused, but believe me, with two toddler boys, I think I will be the winner. I plan to take off the vinyl tablecloth off tomorrow night. My friends can use the cloth one that's underneath.

I received no compensation for this post. I will receive an item to review for CSNStores in the future, which I will fully declare in order to be compliant with new FCC regulations.