Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Santa Barbara Rain Out

Sunday we skipped church and went on an ill-fated excursion to Santa Barbara. We've lived here for 20 months now and we've only been to San Diego as a daytrip so decided to take advantage of the 3 day weekend (Stewart was off on Monday). Except God saw our unfaithfulness and poured buckets of rain so all we did was eat lunch and come home. Lunch was at Julia Child's favorite taco stand, La Super Rica Taqueria, in SB, but I prefer the Kogi Truck. One tip, if you need extra tortillas with your food, just ask them and they will give them to you. Of course, I didn't find this out until we were leaving and I asked them how much an extra tortilla would be.

Before heading back, we were out of gas so we decided to drive 10 miles in the wrong direction to get gas at the Goleta Costco. Surprise, surprise, NO gas station at that Costco. We did find the local farmers market. I couldn't resist and strapped R into the Ergo to take a look. (Stewart and H opted to stay in the car since we only had one umbrella.) I spied a great deal on satsumas. I asked the vendor, "are they seedless?" He replied, "only people from the Midwest care if they are seedless." I've never heard that before. If that's true, then why do they sell seedless oranges and other fruit everywhere in the world??? I admitted I was from Chicago and he said, "I could smell the Midwest on you." This was getting too weird for me so I grabbed my bag of satsumas and hurried back to the car. Goodbye Santa Barbara, I will never see you again!


Dahlia Karch said...

too funny!

JoycetheRockStar said...

The Korean name for the fruit is gyul (Korean: ๊ทค).
I actually had to look up satsumas. Never heard of the term.