Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Green Expo

On Friday I attended the Go Green Expo Los Angeles. I was enticed by the press release, which stated that the Tesla Roadster would be on display. If you haven't heard or seen the Tesla before, it is the best electric, zero emission car out there. It can go 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds and 244 miles on a single charge. It is sleek, it is fast, it is awe-inspiring. I've seen the same yellow Tesla driving around my neighborhood and it is really a sight to behold. It is so quiet, you can't even hear it go past you. So I was really excited to go and check it out. But SNAP, it was NOT there! Maybe it was there on Saturday and Sunday but it wasn't there on Friday, when mostly press were in attendance. I did see some other interested things, though. Here are some of them:

Sea Snax-this is the same seaweed that Koreans have been eating with their rice for hundreds of years. But now it's being touted as a snack to the US market. No Korean would buy this regularly as it retails for $8. You can get the same 3/$10 at major Korean supermarkets. I did have to show my support for my fellow Koreans, though, for taking the risk in bringing this to the American market and bought a package.

Stainless Steel Baby Bottle-I think the whole BPA free trend has gone a bit too far. Now everyone is going to abandon their $10 Born Free baby bottles and switch to stainless steel. I haven't tried it so I don't know if this line of baby bottles and sports bottles from Canadian company organicKidz is any good, but I have a hard time drinking something I can't see and I would have an even harder time giving it to my baby. Especially if you are giving the baby formula--I've definitely made the mistake of putting in not enough formula or too much. You can tell you've made a mistake when the bottle is clear, so I would have a hard time trusting myself with stainless steel.

Food wipes-I love this concept. It's the only all natural line of food wipes, perfect if you are on the go and decide to eat an apple, pear or some other similar type fruit. You can carry them with you and then you have the option of buying a piece of fruit at the convenience stand instead of defaulting to a package of processed food because you can't wash the fruit. Why didn't anyone think of this before? The company Eat Cleaner also has fruit and vegetable wash that you can use at home.

Mamapalooza-H&R's favorite booth. I think the photo speaks for itself.

There were other neat products offered (like reusable green car filter and green roadside assistance) so check out the Go Green website to see if the expo is coming to your city. The boys also loved the Wii Fit Plus booth but I'm not really sure how that is related to being green. I did not receive any products or compensation for this post. I did receive complimentary entrance to the expo as a member of the press.


Anonymous said...

regarding organicKidz
I am surprised that you are reviewing a product that you have not tried! I am not sure that is really fair. I have owned these bottles for over a year now and would not use anything else. They are free of BPA - which is a BIG concern, and they do not break. In response to your comment about not being able to see what is inside that is true, but the lid is a 2oz measuring cup and is designed specifically to help measure formula (one scoop of formula to one lid of water). It cannot get any simpler!

Eunice said...

That is a good point, but I'm not stating that it wouldn't be good for everyone, just not for me. It may be simple, but when it's 3 am during those early months when you're in the fog of taking care of a new baby and you're trying to remember whether or not you just put in a scoop of formula or if you were dreaming, something simple ends up being the exact opposite. I'm happy to hear you have had a good experience with them. Thanks for the feedback!