Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's actually 2013. The Mayans were not right. Our family celebrated by going to the last day of Christmas in the Park at San Jose's Plaza de Cesar Chavez. Since it was the last day, the line for rides were nonexistent and everything was uncrowded. R did comment that some of the exhibits were missing eyes or other parts, but that's understandable since the exhibits have been standing in the rain for over a month. If you are ever in the San Jose area during Christmastime, it's a great family outing to see the trees decorated by groups all over San Jose, go ice skating, and go on carnival rides. A great start to the New Year!

Secret Door to Bagel Nirvana, aka Baron Baking
Actually, my New Year's Day really started off right with a delicious treat, actually two, because Stewart had driven to Oakland to get me some bagels. Would your husband drive an hour each way to get you bagels? When you're not pregnant? Points for Stewart!

These were real bagels. As in chewy and flavorful goodness that took me back to my bagel walks on NYC's Upper West Side. First I would hit H&H, then Zabars, then Nussbaum&Wu. If you are eating a multitude of bagels, a five mile walk is definitely the only way you can eat that many and not suffer serious indigestion. I digress. Yesterday, I managed to eat four. Stewart bought 2 bakers dozen (26) from Dan Graf himself at Baron Baking. I had read the NYT article about him and had made eating those bagels a goal of 2013, which Stewart made happen very early on! (Is eating a bagel a valid New Year's resolution?) I've eaten 6 so far, so I have a lot more to go. But I'm going to eat them all. As I told Stewart, think of District 12. If you are an East Coast transplant anywhere near Oakland, you must get some for yourself. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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