Monday, August 22, 2011

BlogHer 2011 Day 3 Recap

I started off the last official day of BlogHer with an early morning visit to the Expo. I was excited to see the Brawny Man and took a photo with him! You can see my hair is still sleek from the efforts of the Robert Cromeans Salon. While I was at the expo, the boys spent some quality time at the Hot Wheels sponsor suite. They were really excited about playing with the tracks on the wall. After breakfast they met up with some LA friends at the pool. The Marriott has a great pool area. I wish I could have gone in the water but my body still hadn't healed to the point where swimming was an option. I think this will be an entire summer with not a single dip in the pool or ocean. But I digress...

Also during the morning Baby E and I checked out the MomSelect Swag Suite. We got some great toys including a cute Build-A-Bear smallfrys curly bunny. But before we could get through the entire suite, Baby E let me know in a not small voice that she was hungry. Then she needed to be changed and, after changing her, I found to my horror that I had no more diapers in the diaper bag. Meaning we needed to bail on the swag suite and get back to the hotel room pronto because Baby E has a tendency to need changing for #2 three times in succession. And more often than not, especially if I'm wearing her in a baby carrier, this results in an explosion and the need to be changed from head to toe. So we made it back to the room and I had to pick up R on our way out. Apparently the water was too cold and he was done with swimming. This meant I had to kiss any opportunity of attending an afternoon session goodbye. I knew I could take Baby E with me because she was so good and slept a lot, but R was a different story. I didn't want to disturb a panel or presentation that a speaker had been working on for months. So it was back to the expo. Where R proceeded to enjoy chocolate from Lindt, chocolate ice cream miniatures from Dove, and mango pineapple smoothie from McDonalds. After that sugar bath I made sure to stop by and get some Arm&Hammer toothpaste!

R was so wiped out from swimming and walking around the expo that he went back to the hotel to take a nap. Stewart didn't want H to wake him up so I took H with me to the ShopAtHome's Save and Splurge Suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. The Suite was on the top floor of the hotel and had a great view of the pool. It was a truly fabulous room filled with very friendly and kind PR folks. I say kind because they entertained H while I had to feed Baby E, held Baby E to give me a break, and then let me change her on top of the bed in the suite. Carole Baker and her team really impressed me! You'll be hearing more about Shop At Home in a separate post.

Then we went back to the MomSelect Suite since I hadn't been able to finish going through it that morning. The only sponsors left were the team from Hexbug. H had so much fun playing with the enormous set they had on the table. He also loved the spiders and making them move in tandem. I was a little freaked out by the new larva that are coming out, they move a little too much like real bugs! H wasn't fazed by them. The ladies from Hexbug recognized a fanatic when they saw one and gave H the Hexbug Nano Hive, a product that isn't even on the market yet. He LOVED it and has been playing with it ever since we got back from BlogHer. It's nice because you can fold it up and take it with you to a friend's house to combine sets and extend the play time. H is a lucky lucky boy! I'm going to wait until Halloween to give him the Hexbug Nano Glows in the Dark Starter Set I received from the Big Toy Company's Sweet Suite. I know he will flip out when he sees it. Thank you so much Hexbug team!

That night I went to the parties. My goal was to stay up so I could make it to CheeseburgHer. I enjoyed some great music and food at the Social Fiesta, snagged a free bottle of Monogamy at Aiming Low (although I left before they cut the cool "breakfast" cake), and grabbed two cheeseburgers from CheeseburgHer before collapsing onto my bed. At that moment I knew that what everyone had said was true--I was CRAZY for coming to BlogHer less than five weeks after giving birth!


Lindsey Carlin (HEXBUG Corporate Communications) said...

Eunice, we were absolutely delighted to meet H. and get buggy with him over the giant HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set we had built. Thanks for stopping by to see us!

JoycetheRockStar said...

Looks like Brawny man is a little too close.