Monday, March 7, 2011

Stars on Ice Review

Stewart and the boys had a great time at Stars on Ice. I was at the tail end of bar review so they took my mom for her first live skating show in 20 years. This is what they had to say:
I’ve always enjoyed watching figure skating on TV.  The 2010 Vancouver Olympics were of particular interest because of the tremendous success of Yuna Kim, a wonderful skater who first caught my eye in the 2009 World Championships.  One of the things that always stuck out in my mind was how the TV commentators repeatedly gushed over her speed and power.   And while I could certainly appreciate Yuna’s grace, I guess I never really was able to fully appreciate their comments about speed and power since it all kind of looked the same to me, no matter who the skater.
But when I was able to lay eyes on a live professional skating event for the first time, it truly was an eye opening experience.  The spins were so much faster.  The effort put forth in each jump was made so much more evident.  And the pure joy and elation on each skater’s face were just abundantly clear for all to see.  The Smucker's Stars on Ice was a revelation in how intense figure skating really is.  It was mesmerizing.
But of course, while I could certainly understand such things as an adult, the true test of the event’s worthiness came in the form of my son H.  Would such powerful moves on ice be as interesting to a four year old boy who can hardly sit still without an electronic gadget in his hands?  The answer, much to my surprise, was a resounding “yes”.  Far be it from the formal, classical music laden spectacles we see during the Olympics, the Stars on Ice show truly is just that – a crowd pleasing show filled with interesting props, pop music, and exciting back flips perfectly executed by an “A-list” group of skaters, all of whom are either Olympic or World medalists.
Watching the event made for a great fun-filled evening – one soon not forgotten.  H is now clamoring to hit the ice rink.  I hope my back side is ready for the beating it’s about to take from all the falls that are sure to come my way. 
Smucker's Stars on Ice is still touring the country and you have a few more days (until March 13) to enter the contest to be Evan Lysacek's VIP guest at a Stars on Ice event in the NYC area, which also includes dinner with Evan and a 3 day/2 night trip for two to NYC including airfare and hotel. Good luck!

I did not receive compensation for this post. I did receive complimentary tickets for review purposes.

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