Monday, January 24, 2011

DVD Review: THE GARFIELD SHOW All You Need is Love (And Pasta)

Garfield Show: All You Need Is Love & PastaIf you're a regular Random Mommy reader you know that H is somewhat of a picky eater. He eats macaroni and cheese at least once a day and very seldom wants to try anything new. It was very interesting that after watching the recently released Vivendi Entertainment DVD The Garfield Show: All You Need is Love (And Pasta) that he was willing to try, you guessed it, LASAGNA. It was amazing because usually when he tastes meat in something he will immediately spit it out. But I think because H was so familiar with lasagna from watching Garfield eat it and love it, it made him more predisposed to giving it a fair shot. I've made lasagna three times in the past month and H has eaten it up every time. As to what H thinks of Garfield, you can see his reaction from his body language here:

I think this would be a great idea as a gift to a child for Valentine's Day rather than the inundation of sugar and empty calories that typically accompanies this day. H recently had to undergo several dental surgeries for 14 cavities (and of course oral sedation isn't covered by insurance) so he knows that candy and chocolate are off limits to him. So this Valentine's Day, he'll be watching The Garfield Show: All You Need is Love (And Pasta) to celebrate the day. The DVD is appropriate since it features six love-themed misadventures of Garfield, Odie, his owner Jon, and other characters from Garfield's neighborhood. Whether he's fostering orphan birds, enduring Jon's quest for the perfect family portrait or putting up a good front for Liz's parents, Garfield really does love his friends, maybe even more than lasagna. Just a warning though, after watching this DVD, you and/or your child may have a craving for Italian food that you just can't ignore!

I did not receive compensation for this post. I did receive a copy of the DVD for review purposes.


heathergothitched said...

How cyoooooot! Your H reminds me of my Harrison when he gets into a dancing frenzy! Ants in his pants? No! It's Garfield! I feel your pain about all the dental work the little one went through. Matthew is even more motivated to keep their pearly whites healthy since his wallet took a beating!

Love always,

JoycetheRockStar said...

"It has been shown to be successful that kids would eat a bag of carrots if their favorite character is on it," said Ayoob, who is also a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

Aww that video is sooo cute! I love when kids get all happy and excited. I used to love Garfield comic books. :)