Sunday, December 6, 2009

Next Up on Quest for Fitness Motivation-Interview with Alison Sweeney

I am still having a tough time getting out there. Last week I exercised 2x. I would have done more Wii Fit Plus had I not put it in my closet because the boys were insisting upon doing it the minute they woke up. Well, after demanding chocolate and cookies. Need to hide those too. So this week I'm vowing to exercise 3x. Not sure what it will be but I've gotten a boost from my e-interview with Alison Sweeney. I missed interviewing her in person last month at the Glide Tight Spaces Challenge because of H's concussion, but she graciously agreed to answer some questions by email! Without further ado, here is my first celebrity e-interview:

Alison, it's so great to see you looking so svelte after having your baby girl. What are some of the things you did to help you lose the weight quickly?
I began working out slowly building up to my pre-baby workout routine. I also watched my diet and tried to eat as healthy as possible. I have a ton of advice for mom's trying to lose weight - I'm writing a book about it! It's going to come out next October, The Mommy Diet. And one of my tips, is don't beat yourself up about those last 10 pounds! Believe me; I'm still working on it, myself!!

I really admire women who are out there working and fulfilling their dreams. How do you balance your career with being a mom? Do you have the kids travel with you? What is something you do to keep connected to them?
It's always easiest to say it starts with balance but it's about every day making the decisions you can live with for that day. Then it is about looking back over your day and checking that nothing has fallen off your radar. I also give my job 100% while I'm there... not regretting that decision. I decided that I'm going to be away from my kids, I owe it to them to make that time worth it. When I am with my family, I give them my 100 percent attention too. I love when there are opportunities for Megan and Ben to travel with me for my job and am lucky enough for them to often be on set with me.

How did you get involved with Feeding America? And how did Glide get involved? Is Glide also providing dental floss for Feeding America to give away with meals?
I got to know Feeding America through the relationship with The Biggest Loser. It's been an eye-opening experience to realize how many people in this country fight hunger. When you think about how many of those are children, it was clear to me that I wanted to be involved. I wanted to help.
I’ve partnered with Glide to help raise money for Feeding America this holiday season. Those who follow me on Twitter @ali_sweeney know that I’m talking to my fans about it and showing them how they can get involved. They are not donating product but for every person who Tweets with the hashtag #GlideTightSpaces through December 31, 2009, Crest Glide will also donate $1 to Feeding America with a guaranteed donation of $20,000. We also hosted two Tight Space Challenge events in NY and LA last month where Glide donated $1 for every person who went through their Tight Spaces obstacle course.
I was so excited when Crest asked me to be involved with this campaign because not only do I love working with Feeding America, but I actually floss with Crest Glide every day before I go on set. It's an important part of my routine and helps me to feel more confident. Glide is just much smoother than other floss, so it slides easily between the tight spaces of my teeth - allowing me to be camera ready. So, this partnership was truly a perfect fit.

I'm really curious as to how the show The Biggest Loser has influenced you, if at all. Were there things health wise that you changed because of your involvement with the show? Does hosting the show make you conscious about your weight all the time?
I guess because I struggled with my own weight as a teenager, obesity issues strike a chord with me. And since joining the Biggest Loser, I’ve seen so many success stories, Jerry from season 6 is a perfect example. At the finale, Dr H told him he won 25 years of his life back! It IS possible to regain control of your weight, and it’s so scary to see how many people in this country are playing Russian Roulette with their health. Especially kids. Now with two children of my own, it’s impossible for me not to be passionate about encouraging people to get healthy, and to help their children be healthy.
I'm really impressed that she took the time to answer my questions through email. I think she definitely thinks about how to manage her time and be a good mom. If you have a twitter account, please tweet #GlideTightSpaces through December 31, 2009 to make a donation to Feeding America. Please note, I didn't receive anything for posting this interview. I really believe in the need for groups like Feeding America, especially in these tough times, and love the fact that I can raise awareness by blogging.

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