Sunday, February 28, 2010

Los Angeles Moms Blog Conference Recap

A week ago, the Los Angeles Mom Bloggers (and soon to be OC Mom Bloggers) had their first conference. It was an awesome gathering of mom bloggers and I was thrilled by the opportunity to spend time with so many amazing mom writers. We attended roundtable discussions on video and vblogging led by Kimberly Blaine and on brands working with mom bloggers led by Ciaran Blumenfeld. We also had the opportunity to speak with representatives from 20+ companies about their products. It was my first time being in a room with so many companies that wanted me (specifically me, and not as part of a larger expo or convention) to get information about their product out to to the public domain. We did receive many product samples. Here are some of the things that particularly caught my interest, with more blogs to follow:

iGo green Charge Anywhere-For some reason I never got a car charger for my cell phone. This has proved to be a problem because of the many many times I've left my phone in the car overnight and then discovered a dead battery in the morning. So if you've called me after preschool pickup and I don't pick up or return your call till the next day, now you know why. I only have a few more months on my Sprint Palm Centro contract so I didn't want to buy a car charger, even though I've felt the need for it more and more lately. So how excited was I to see iGo at the event! I will definitely be using this as soon as I get the tip that is compatible with my phone. Here are some features of the very cool anywhere charger they provided each mom blogger:
  • Works as a wall charger to charge almost any device while simultaneously charging its integrated battery for device charging away from a wall outlet
  • Two USB outputs for simultaneous device charging
  • Works with multiple devices, including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS devices and more
  • Works worldwide; no need for a voltage converter when traveling

  • Skechers Shape-Ups-From past posts you know I have been trying to get out there and exercise. Or stay in and exercise on the Wii Fit Plus. But now I have something that will help me exercise even when I'm not trying to exercise. It takes down a few notches on the good old workout guilt-o-meter. I've been wearing them for the past week. For the ultimate test, I wore them in Vegas up and down the Strip, trying to walk off overeating at the buffets. In the past, my legs and feet would be completely sore by the end the trip from all that walking. Surprisingly, this time, I feel fine. I won't say there was no discomfort at the end of each trip down the Strip, but the recovery time is definitely quicker. I think one reason your feet get less tired is all the extra cushioning in the shoes. I signed up to get information about becoming a Skechers rep and this week has made me a firm believer.

    BitDefender-The co-host sponsor of the event, BitDefender, is a company that is worth every parent's consideration. You may not go with them but it's nice to know there's something out there other than Norton and Microsoft. Some of the products the company provides are BitDefender Total Security, which provides proactive protection against Internet security threats, along with system maintenance and backup; BitDefender Internet Security that locks out viruses, hackers, and spam while providing parental control and firewall protection; and BitDefender Antivirus 2010 that offers proactive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, and identity thefts. From speaking with the company representatives at the event, I really got a sense that they are concerned about the safety and security of families as opposed to simply focusing on the bottom line. My sister-in-law worked at Symantec (they make Norton antivirus software), and in all our discussions about her work, I never felt that security of families on their home computers was a big thing for them. I did some research on BitDefender after the event and found out that they are not a public company, so they don't have to be focused solely on EPS or the share price or explaining why they are doing things to institutional shareholders. They have the freedom to listen to user feedback and incorporate things that might not matter to corporate IT purchasers but does matter a lot to moms and dads. To this end, BitDefender is launching a new security resource for online parents called BitMoms (dads are welcome too!) in the next week. It will be an interactive website and social network that is designed to provide news, content and tools for parents and parent bloggers in order to make the internet a safer place for children and families. The web address for the site when it goes live will be

    Taga-When I saw the Taga bicycle, I immediately thought of my Bugaboo. It's European, it's trendy, basically, it's so cool. It's a good thing Stonyfield Farms (yummy Oikos Greek yogurt!) provided bibs in their gift bags because there was serious mom drool going on over this bicycle. Maybe she wasn't saying, "I want it so bad!!!" but that was the vibe coming off of every mom in that room. Unfortunately I didn't win the one given away that night, but I did come home with a $400 off coupon. I know there is no room in our garage as we already have four strollers, three adult bicycles, two tricycles, an adult and toddler scooter, and a baby swing. But maybe if I sell all of the above, I can have room for this super cool bike that has the baby seat in front and also folds up to a stroller. Wouldn't I turn heads on the Strand with this baby! I told the company reps that the Taga should have been in the Sex and the City sequel.

    The event was such a fun evening with the other mom bloggers--I'm so glad to be associated with this group of women. I only wish that some of them lived closer so we could be better friends offline. It was also a great introduction to a lot of products that hadn't been on my radar screen. A great big thank you to SV Moms Group and the amazing sponsors for a truly memorable event! I will be doing more blogs and giveaways in the coming weeks of some of the products I received at the event, so please keep checking in. Happy March!

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    heathergothitched said...

    Wow, that sounds like a fun event! Now I may have to get into the mommy blogging world myself! Hahahah! I especially LOVE the Taga stroller bike and I'm having a mini orgasm over it right now! A girl can dream... Sure, it would be totally worth it if I used it to lose the weight but I would have to buy a bigger house with more storage before buying it which would cause me to have even less money to be able to afford that thing! But it is sooooooooo yummy!

    Love always,